On a momentous occasion, the launch ceremony of the Chinese car brand Chery in Sudan marks a significant chapter in the collaboration between Chery Automobile Company and Sudan's GIAD Engineering Industrial Group. The arrival of the first batch of 300 Chery cars and the commencement of assembly operations symbolise a tangible outcome of the enduring friendship and strategic partnership between China and Sudan. This venture is poised to profoundly impact Sudan's economic and social development, representing a commendable example of practical cooperation.

Sino-Sudanese Friendship and Belt and Road Cooperation

China and Sudan share a long-term friendship as strategic cooperative partners and close companions in advancing Belt and Road cooperation. Economic and trade cooperation has consistently been the cornerstone of bilateral relations. China's commitment to fostering win-win economic cooperation with Sudan, characterised by mutual benefit and joint development, has been evident through encouraging Chinese companies to invest and establish a presence in Sudan.

Chery Automobile's Global Standing and Strategic Vision

Chery Automobile, a globally recognised car manufacturer established in the 1990s, has showcased its products in over 80 countries and regions worldwide, amassing a customer base exceeding 9.5 million.

The company has held the top position in Chinese passenger car exports for 18 consecutive years. Recognising Sudan as a pivotal base for its overseas market, especially in Africa, Chery aims to establish Sudan as its African centre for production, manufacturing, and marketing. This strategic decision is grounded in Sudan's advantageous geographical position as a gateway to the African hinterland and the country's substantial market opportunities and growth potential.

Chery's Impact on Sudan's Economic Landscape

Chery's entry into the Sudanese market is a testament to the strong bilateral ties and heralds positive developments for Sudan's economic, trade, and investment sectors. The availability of quality Chery passenger cars gives Sudanese consumers a fresh choice while simultaneously fostering the growth of Sudan's automobile manufacturing industry. 

Chery's presence contributes to industrial transformation, upgrading, and economic recovery. The company's operations are expected to generate employment opportunities, enhance the driving force of Sudan's economic growth, and improve overall livelihoods. Collaboration between Chery and GIAD: A Synergistic Partnership

The collaboration between Chery and GIAD represents an alliance between two market-leading companies. The synergy between these entities is anticipated to inject new impetus into the practical cooperation between China and Sudan. This collaboration is poised to script a new chapter in bilateral relations, elevating the partnership to new heights.


The successful launch of Chery in Sudan is a testament to both nations' forward-thinking and strategic vision. 
As Chery becomes an integral part of Sudan's automotive landscape, the collaboration between Chery and GIAD is expected to catalyse sustained economic and social development. The prospects of increased employment, economic growth, and improved living standards underscore the positive trajectory of Sino-Sudanese economic ties.
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