Cars have been making life easy for humans for almost a century now. However, regardless of being a machine, cars do face many recurring issues in South Sudan. No matter how much better technologies the manufacturers use, there would be a small or a big problem once in a while. 

Many such problems are common and can be easily solved. We are stating 25 such problems and their solutions. So the next time you face one such issue, you know what to do!

1.    Flat Tire: Tires will wear out as they are being used rigorously. To fix it, keep rotating them at every oil change you get.
2.    Overheating: Keep the radiator and water pump in check always.
3.    Consuming too much Oil: Check oil light regularly. Get the oil filter changed at every oil change.
4.    Higher Fuel Consumption: If the mileage has dropped, you have to get the engine checked and serviced.
5.    Rusting: Keep a check on your car's body, especially in humid locations. Rust needs to be handled by mechanics.
6.    Windows not Rolling: It can cause theft and wear & tear. Get it checked by a mechanic.
7.    Minor Issues: (wipers, paint job) and usually don’t require immediate attention.
8.    Starter Issues: You will have to get the starter motor changed.
9.    Lights: Lights have crucial importance. Replace them immediately if they get faulty.
10.  Speakers: It is not as important but can be fixed by checking yourself. There might be a wire that got loose. 
11.  Flat Battery: Replace the battery regularly.
12.  Excessive Emissions: This may be a result of the fuel mixture. It is better to get the engine checked.
13.  Gear Box or Transmission: Repairing the gearbox is costly but vital for the car to function. 

  • Automatic transmission Slipping: Regular service can avoid this.
  • Clogged Filters: Clogging means an immediate change of filters is needed.
  • Leaking Fluid: Keep checking any leakage; get it fixed right away if you see any.
  • Water in Transmission: It can cause transmission failure. Therefore, it needs to be treated immediately.

14.  Malfunctioning Sensors: An expensive fault that requires mechanical attention immediately.
15.  Fuel Evaporation: Replace Fuel caps regularly. Never ignore a warning light on fuel.
16.  Leaky Radiator: Keep radiator in good condition. Replace if the need arises.
17.  Cracks in Windscreen: If the cracks are there, get them filled, or they will become bigger.
18.  Failing Starter Motor: Replace the starter motor as you can’t start the car otherwise.
19.  Shaky Steering Wheel: Get it inspected by a mechanic.
20.  Worn Brake Pads: Replace or repair the pads sooner than later.
21.  Warning Lights: Seek professional help.
22.  Sputtering Engine: Maintain ignition systems regularly.
23.  Squeaky Brakes: Take the car to a mechanic as soon as possible.
24.  Unevenly wearing Tires: Get the suspensions aligned.
25.  Failing Alternator: Your whole car can break if this breaks. It is best to keep it regularly serviced.