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Car owners previously worried that things were working fine under the hood. They did it that way because the cars of that time did not have warning signs on the dashboards. In modern times, it is easier to know if something is wrong with the car in South Sudan. Your car is indicated to you by a signal across the dashboard. Here are some of the main ones:

Engine temperature signal

It is one of the best known signals on the board. This warning sign appears when the engine is too hot.

Tire pressure sign

These signs on the car dashboard flash when one or more tires have low pressure. It also tells the car owner to check them on time.

Oil pressure signal

This signal appears when your car's engine does not have enough oil or if there is a problem with the oil pressure system.

Traction control

Appears on the car's dashboard when the car's traction control system is activated.

Battery signal

These signs on the car dashboard only flash when the car's electrical system does not have enough power. Which means the car is running on battery alone.

Fuel signal

If this symbol appears on the dashboard, it means that your car is running out of fuel. This symbol also shows an arrow next to it. The arrowhead indicates which side the car's gas cap is on.

Seat belt reminder

This symbol appears when someone is not wearing their seat belt. Appears to remind you to fasten your seat belt.

Air bag

When this signal appears there is a problem with the airbags. It may indicate that the air bag system has problems and needs repair.

Fog light signal

Fog Lamp Sign indicates when your car's fog lights are on.

Engine warning signs

It is never good news when this symbol starts blinking. It could mean a loose gas cap, or it could mean something else like a faulty sensor, connector, or even wiring or there could be a faulty emissions issue.

People who buy a car can easily check whether there is a problem or not. We hope this article has helped you better understand car dashboard signals. If you're looking for a car, check the dashboard signs and mileage.